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Office of the Provost

Kathleen Enz Finken

Academic Affairs Organizational Chart and Directory

Academic Affairs Organizational Chart Text Version


Name phone email office

Andrew Thulin

College of Agriculture, Food & Environmental Science

805-756-2161 11-211
Christine Theodoropoulos

College of Architecture & Environmental Design

805-756-1311 05-212
Scott Dawson

Orfalea College of Business

805-756-1302 03-455
Amy Fleischer

College of Engineering

805-756-2131 192-301
Kathryn Rummell

Interim, College of Liberal Arts

805-756-2359 47-31
Dean Wendt
College of Science & Math
805-756-2226 25-229
Kevin Taylor
Director, School of Education
805-756-1503 02-121

Vice Provosts and Vice Presidents

Academic Programs and Planning
name phone email office

Mary Pedersen

Sr. Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

805-756-2246 35-319

Bruno Giberti

Associate Vice Provost, Academic Programs and Planning

805-756-7015 35-319
Cem Sunata
University Registrar
805-756-6012 01-222B
Patrick O'Sullivan
Director, Center for Teaching, Learning and Technology
805-756-7244 35-319

Beth Merritt Miller
Assistant Vice Provost, University Advising

805-756-5759 52-D39
Gregg Fiegel
Director, Honors Program
805-756-1310 35-510
name phone email office
Academic Personnel
Al Liddicoat
Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Personnel


Assistant Vice Provost, Academic Employee Relations

805-756-2844   01-311
Mauricio Saavedra
Executive Director, Institutional Research
805-756-5406 01-307
Director of Equal Opportunity and Title IX Coordinator
805-756-6770   33-290


phone email office
International, Graduate and Extended Education
Brian Tietje
Vice Provost International, Graduate
& Extended Education
805-756-1757 52-E31
Cari Vanderkar

Director, International Center

805-756-2945 52-E36
Richard Savage

Graduate Education

805-756-6519 52-E47
name phone email office
Research and Economic Development
Bradford Anderson
Interim Vice President Research
and Economic Development


Chris Kitts
Interim Dean of Research
805-756-1508 38-154
Jim Dunning
Project Administrator
805-756-5551 38-101A

Associate Vice Provosts

name phone email office
Marketing and Enrollment Development

James Maraviglia
Vice Provost for Enrollment Development & Chief

Marketing Officer

805-756-2913 01-208A
Gerrie Hatten

Director, Financial Aid and Scholarships

805-756-5893 01-212A
Terrance Harris
Director, Admissions Operations
805-756-2767 01-213
Melissa Furlong
Director, Outreach Recruitment
805-756-5817 01-206B
Royaa Silver
Assistant Vice President Creative Services
805-756-2874 117-110


name phone email office
Charlie Crabb
Assist. to the Provost for Academic Facilities

Ed Rainbolt

Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs Finance and Administration

805-756-2252 01-305

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